Clean living,a prosperous, “slow” life,eating organic.We all feel we want these things, but achieving them can be difficult.

Modern life can be hectic,we all feel that at times.Constantly chasing after our goals,with no time to stop and rest,life can easily pass us by.

It’s on days like thosethat we start to really wishwe had something deliciousto eat to bring us peace.Something that will help us face the day.

This is for all those peoplewho are making the most of life.The freshest ingredients,the best recipes,you can taste the passion.

This is what we at giccahope to provide for you.Bringing you happiness every day.Adding some flavor into your lives.




Stella Kanae

Born to a Croatian father and Japanese mother. When she was young her family moved all over Europe to countries like Germany, Spain, Greece and more. While in Germany she learned how to bake cakes from a German relative. She started working as a model in Japan in 2002. She was featured mainly in women’s fashion magazines like “FRaU” and “VOCE,” but also appeared on NHK TV programs and in movies. She also applied her varied talents to the reproduction of a French restaurant in Shiodome. With an interior inspired by her unique world view and a highly rated menu, she eventually expanded into a second location. After that, she opened a café/restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo with her mother. She flourished as a pâtissier, and her food and sweets often appeared in popular local magazines like “Setagaya Life.” More recently, she has also been submitting original recipes to magazine companies who have asked her for some. This latest venture started getting her noticed, and in 2014 she became the general producer of “gicca.”

Bringing happiness to everyone’s lives With “delicious and easy” home cooking.

The cuisine in my home country is full of influences from various countries such as Turkey, Italy and Greece. As a result, from a young age I have always eaten and tried to make dishes from around the world without thinking about genres or regions. That is where I got the idea of making “gicca” a “restaurant without borders.” I believe that “home cooking” encompasses a range of cooking styles, so I mixed up the styles of dishes and decor to make it impossible to tell where the dishes come from. The goal was to create a space that would feel comfortable for customers from any country. I also wanted to make a restaurant where everyone, including the staff, could enjoy themselves and be themselves without prejudice.

I have always preferred going to produce sellers and fishmongers in a market than shopping at a supermarket. This is because for me it’s not just about shopping, it’s about communicating with the store owners, gaining knowledge and creating and sharing memories. That’s why I want to make sure that “gicca” is the kind of restaurant that places a great deal of importance on communication with the customers and that can regularly implement new ideas and keep on updating itself. Also, I know this is true of myself, but I feel that there are many people out there who would love to live a cleaner life and make time to cook wholesome meals, but who never seem to have time to make that a reality. I firmly believe that in such a busy life, if you can make a little time to eat delicious, healthy food, then any day can be a good one. This doesn’t have to mean high-end, expensive food, it can be a rice ball, soup, even just a latte.

Still, although there may be many types of food that can relax you, the number of “things you can enjoy with peace of mind” can be shockingly small. My mother worked hard to make sure I ate as little instant food as possible, even when I was very young. We even made our own salad dressing, so you can imagine my surprise when we went to a supermarket and saw whole shelves of salad dressing lined up in a row. And looking at the labels and seeing all the additives in them… At “gicca” we have a policy of offering dishes that are good for your body and soul by deciding to not use additives or chemical seasonings. In order to give our customers from around the world an enjoyable experience with peace of mind through dishes that are authentic to their origins, we work hard to provide delicious and healthy dishes created with real passion.






Cakes shouldn’t be “a little something for special occasions,” but rather a “daily snack” that you shouldn’t be afraid to get close to. Our cakes are just the right size to pick up and eat by hand, have a texture that you’ll find nowhere else, and as much as possible are free from artificial additives.


Our kitchens prepare food from around the world, with the iconic gicca twist, for you to enjoy at home. We make sure to use as few artificial additives as possible and hope to make flavors that you will never get tired of.


We have goods for sale on the first floor including ingredients and seasonings carefully selected by our staff that we use in our restaurant and deli, as well as items that are still relatively unknown in Japan, or in some cases unknown anywhere in the world. The range of products we have available allow you to experience the world of gicca at home.

Restaurant / cafe

We have created a space designed by a director who works as a culinary researcher where we have worked with professionals to make sure no compromises were made with any of our dishes. We are particularly proud of our range of vegan, halal, food allergy-safe and other dietary requirement-based dishes.

Event space/rental space

We have a space on the third floor where we hold regular events such as live music, traditional craft workshops, cooking and baking courses put on by famous chefs or our own kitchen staff, lectures on herbs or local ingredients, and more.